responsibility */*/*/

responsibility */*/*/
UK [rɪˌspɒnsəˈbɪlətɪ] / US [rɪˌspɑnsəˈbɪlətɪ] noun
Word forms "responsibility":
singular responsibility plural responsibilities
Get it right: responsibility:
Notice the spelling of responsibility, which is spelled with an "i", not an "a":
Wrong: Children remain their parents' responsability until the age of eighteen.
Right: Children remain their parents' responsibility until the age of eighteen.
Wrong: Everyone in the team is entrusted with responsabilities.
Right: Everyone in the team is entrusted with responsibilities.
Having responsibilities is like carrying something. Responsibilities that cause you problems and make you worried are like heavy loads. I have to carry/shoulder the responsibility for this. The responsibility was weighing on my mind. I don't want to be a burden to you. It was a great weight/load off my mind. He laid down his duties as vice-president. I've been saddled with a lot of extra work. You need to offload some of your work. The house was a millstone around her neck. Who's going to carry the can for this? I've been left holding the baby. We all have our crosses to bear. The situation is unbearable.  busyhelp, problem
1) [uncountable] the state or job of being in charge of someone or something and of making sure that what they do or what happens to them is right or satisfactory

She has a lot of responsibility as a nurse.

responsibility for:

Overall responsibility for the school lies with the head teacher.

have responsibility for (doing) something:

You will have responsibility for sales and marketing.

take responsibility for (doing) something:

Would someone take responsibility for bringing Paul home?

assume responsibility for (doing) something:

Serrano immediately assumed temporary responsibility for foreign affairs.

a position of responsibility:

People in positions of responsibility cannot behave like this.

Verbs frequently used with responsibility as the object ▪  abdicate, accept, assume, bear, evade, exercise, fulfil, shirk, shoulder, take
a) [countable] a duty that you have to do because it is part of your job or position

She is my responsibility, now that her parents are gone.

a responsibility to do something:

It is your responsibility to provide us with concrete evidence.

b) [countable/uncountable] a moral duty to behave in a particular way
responsibility to/towards:

What is the individual's responsibility to others in modern society?

have a responsibility to/towards someone:

We have a responsibility to our shareholders and to our depositors.

have a responsibility to do something:

We have a responsibility to make sure this never happens again.

a sense of responsibility:

Parenthood brings a huge sense of responsibility.

3) [uncountable] blame for something that has happened
claim/accept responsibility for something:

No one claimed responsibility for the attack on the embassy.

take responsibility for (doing)something:

Allan has got to take responsibility for the failure of the deal.

English dictionary. 2014.

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